Top Tours has prepared a specific department to serve the corporate segment. In partnership with Promotional, negotiated agreements with major airlines, hotel chains, rental, providing discounts ranging from 5% to 60%, according to the amount purchased by your company.


economia em viagens

With these agreements, and adopting an effective travel policy, your company can achieve a reduction of up to 30% in travel costs.



To do so, we have a system of back-office effective allowing you to generate reports and spreadsheets presenting accurate information and safe to have full view of the expenditure incurred on travel, for cost centers, with a friendly interface with the management system your company.


You can also have online access to shopping and invoices at any time and place, in addition to established payment dates so you can fit them into accounts payable and receivable of your company. According to the purchase volume of your business, or if you feel the need for shorter actions, we can build a support center within your company to handle all your logistics.


For the organization of events, conferences, seminars, conventions and exhibitions in Brazil and abroad, we offer a dedicated team that is not just willing to do it for you, but focused and committed to logistics, to the success and the outcome that your company wants.


Please contact us and we will be happy to arrange a meeting with your company and study the specific needs of the project.